Precast Concrete

Precast Concrete in Calgary

At MQR Precast, we’re committed to delivering high-quality precast concrete in Calgary to your doorstep. Precast concrete is a construction product that involves pouring concrete in a premade form and is then cured in a controlled environment at our site. Precast concrete is popular because it provides a strong product resistant to cracking or breaking down over time.

Using precast concrete allows builders to create large or repetitive concrete structures quickly and efficiently. Precast concrete also provides consistency, making it an excellent choice for any large-scale commercial project. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the process or would like to inquire about our products.

Precast Concrete

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Popular Precast Concrete Products

Concrete Pipes

Concrete pipes are used in various applications such as water supply systems, sewage treatment plants, and storm drains. They are made from precast concrete, a mixture of cement, sand, gravel, and water, cured in a premade form. Concrete tubes come in different sizes and shapes to pick the best option, depending on the application.

It is common to experience pipe installation issues due to weather changes when dealing with a cold temperature place like Calgary. One of these is cracking, which can occur when the concrete expands due to temperature changes. Another common problem is corrosion and weathering related to exposure to moisture. Precast concrete helps to minimize these issues as the pour and curing process occurs in a controlled environment.

Road Barriers and Parking Curbs

Concrete road barriers are used around Calgary to prevent cars from damaging property and other vehicles. These barriers are often made of concrete blocks placed on the pavement. These concrete road barriers are usually arranged in rows so that drivers will hit only one block at a time when driving over them.

There are two main types of concrete road barriers: permanent and temporary. Permanent options are designed to last indefinitely and are usually installed on highways and other roads. Temporary road barriers are meant for traffic and pedestrian control at events or construction sites.

The installation of road barriers and parking curbs is repetitive and, therefore, well-suited to the use of precast products. Concrete road barriers and parking curbs come in different sizes and shapes.  If you are a road or commercial contractor, contact MQR Precast today for ordering and delivery options.

Precast Concrete

Concrete Blocks

Concrete block construction is one of the most popular ways to build outdoor structures and storage. That’s because they’re easy to use, durable, require little maintenance and are available in various shapes and sizes. Concrete blocks are made by pouring concrete into forms that are then stacked together. This process creates a strong, durable structure that’s also very versatile. Concrete blocks can be used to build walls, fences, patios, steps and more. If you are planning a commercial or residential project, consider the use of concrete for its durability, low maintenance and aesthetic appeal.

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