Aggregates in Calgary

Aggregates are used as a filler material for road construction projects such as roads, parking lots, and driveways. You can also use them for landscaping purposes such as retaining walls and walkways. Aggregates are made by crushing rocks into small pieces mixed with sand and other materials to create a stable mixture. At MQR Precast, we are experts in aggregates; that’s because sand and gravel play a vital role in any concrete mix.

We also provide a range of other concrete-related services, such as concrete preparation, rebar delivery and installation, window drains, and tar damp-proofing of concrete foundations. If you need crushed rock delivered to your job site or expert help to streamline your project, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Aggregate Services

Gravel Delivery

40mm crushed rock is a popular aggregate used in construction projects and drainage applications. We source large amounts of crushed gravel for use in our concrete mixtures, and you can take advantage of our pricing. MQR Precast can deliver crushed gravel to any job site in Calgary.


Rebar is an abbreviation for reinforcing bar. It’s also known as structural steel and is an integral part of building construction, especially when supporting concrete structures. There are two main types of rebar: round and flat. Round rebar is commonly used for reinforcing concrete structures, while flat rebar is often used for structural purposes.

Rebar is often used to strengthen concrete structures. However, rebar has other uses too. For example, it can be used to make fences, walls, and gates. It can also be used to support pipes and cables.

Window Drains and Weeping Tile

At MQR concrete, we offer window drains in different sizes and shapes. Installing window wells helps keep your home safe by preventing water from building up behind walls and causing damage. It also inhibits mould growth and mildew.

Weeping tiles are a type of pipe system used to collect and discharge water away from your home’s foundation.

Tar Damp-Proofing

Waterproofing and tar damp-proofing are critical aspects of building construction and ensure a concrete foundation will last for decades. A tar-based mixture is applied outside the foundation walls, preventing moisture from penetrating the concrete. In Alberta, most modern buildings will have the foundation tar damp-proofed, as a form of moisture protection is required on foundation walls under the Alberta Building Code.

Window Wells

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